Cara Delevingne is hot, and a lot of it has to do with her DGAF attitude and carefree living. And to be honest, we love a model who can throw her finger up to expectations and eat McDonald's in the middle of London Fashion Week. Fashion dudes have fallen in love with the model, and even though their chances of actually getting intimate with Delevingne are slim to none, there's an opportunity for have her plant a fat one on you—sort of.

Delevingne's lipstick imprint from a kiss is up for auction on Charity Buzz, and can be tattooed on you by New York City artist Bang Bang—if you have enough cash, that is. Right now, the kiss, which is signed by the model and gives back to local animal rescue programs, is sitting on a bid of $550 with a projected value of $2,500. Also, if you're not truly 'bout that Cara life, you don't have to get the kiss inked, but you'll still get the original kiss on a piece of archival quality paper.

But if you're as wild as Delevingne, you'll definitely opt for the tattoo. Unfortunately, securing this kiss won't get you any closer to her, only in your dreams.

Click here to make your bid.

[via Cara Delevingne]