International "it" girl and model Cara Delevingne openly expressed interest in making moves in the film industry, grabbing her first feature in Joe Wright's take on the Russian classic Anna Karenina. Her acting chops must have caught the eye of Karl Lagerfeld (whose actual age remains unknown), the man behind Fendi's latest short film.

The short, modeled after an old-school horror movie, involves Cara and fellow model Saskia de Brauw running around a poorly-lit mansion, led by a dry and brooding mistress. The film harks back to a time when horror movies were heavy on the acting and just discovering special effects, which now look cheesy to the modern eye. The entire film is filled with heavy drama and fake crying, rounded out by a soundtrack that lends itself to an episode of Scooby-Doo.

While the pair of models are rescued by thick-accented Italian man who tells the girls to "just take the Fendi bags", we don't know if he could rescue the film from being anything more than a parody on classic horror.

Hey, at least the film looks stylish.

[via Fashionista]