Typically, collarless biker jackets look really awful on figure in comparison to just how fantastic they look in lay down shots, but I'm not sure Rick Owens is above making shit that looks terrible on purpose to begin with because that sounds exactly like the thought process of a dude on his level of strange. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that when Rick Owens makes something look bad—or weird, I guess—it's because he's just a bizarre guy doing the kind of bizarre shit that's expected of him. It's not his fault the rest of us are convinced that said bizarre looking shit should cost that much. We're all like, "Nah, dude. Anything long, drapey and asymmetrical is totally, like, art, man. So what if this shirt is cut for the body of an alien? IT'S CALLED FASHUN. LOOK IT UP." But really though, it actually is called "fashion", and you should look it up.