Brooklyn We Go Hard is the brand that translate menswear and streetwear through its Parisian sensibilities and makes cozy, wearable garments that will clean up your look without having to suit-up. And if you're going to test how warm your vests and sweaters are, it makes sense to travel to the coast of Scotland, a place that's notorious for moody weather and perfect for testing out gear.

For fall 2013, the brand decided to get next-level in an area that's more known for sheep and tossing tree trunks, but also its bright sweaters and lively personalities. Brand founder David Obadia gave us an exclusive insight on why his brand chose to shoot its campaign like this.

"I wanted this video as a continuum of our photo campaign: in the sumptuous landscapes of Scotland and with a precise atmosphere. The video tells the story of a young man who left civilization to face himself. A kind of initiatory story. I also wanted to bring our clothes to life. We gave a real liberty to the filmmakers, who are especially inspired by building a story through their realistic and aesthetic style with the respect of BWGH DNA."

If colorblocked suede coaches jackets are your thing, or you're just looking for a way to find that sweet spot between menswear and sportswear, be on the lookout for BWGH this season.