If there’s one thing that’s anchoring everyone’s schedule these next few Sundays, it’s most likely watching the last episodes of Breaking Bad. As one of the greatest shows comes to a close, it’s not leaving you without any memories to remember it by.

The production company behind the show is auctioning off items that have been used during the Emmy-award winning show’s run. Sure, you can have the DVD-set when it comes out. However, nothing tops cast-worn memorabilia to share with friends or keep in a Heisenberg shrine forever.

If you’ve been a regular viewer, you know there’s more than one stylish tips you can take away from Walter White and crew. Bid on items like hazmat suits, Jesse Pinkman’s flannel shirt, Tuco’s grill, Walter White’s undies—for the serious fan—and more. Don’t get these confused with merch store items, because these items are little harder to come by compared to the mass produced memorabilia. Check out some of the items above and build your drug kingpin starter kit by bidding on the items on the Screenbid website.

[via Newsfeed]