Forget trying to look for those A.P.C. x Kanye West pieces that dropped this summer. Your best bet right now is eBay. However, the one T-shirt everyone wanted that didn’t drop along with the collection is finally available.

A triple collaboration tee between A.P.C., Kanye West, and Been Trill dubbed Trippy Symphony has been seen on the crew of big names, but hasn’t been made available to regular folks like us. Until now. According to some intel by the good folks at Four-Pins, the shirt is supposedly exclusive to the European market. This doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have a chance a copping the shirt. Thanks to End Clothing having an international shipping option, you can have this piece at your front door in the next few days.

The shirt is priced at $99, but the aftermarket prices on eBay are already reaching a crazy $280 for Buy It Now. Don't wait and hit up End Clothing’s website and cop on the low low.

[via Four-Pins]