Do you remember Zubaz? I remember Dan Marino wearing these joints in an ad with scary ass looking linemen at his side. But, like all stupid pants, they went away to die alone in the dark recesses of your memories. OR SO YOU FUCKING THOUGHT! Like all wacky vintage things, these shits are apparently now making a nostalgic comeback, NFL licensed logos and all. Even if they had a Dallas Cowboys version (which they don't and, like, WTF Cowboys' gear accounts for 25% of ALL NFL merchandise sales), these are straight nonsensical. Can't you just imagine showing up at a party next month with some asshole wearing these along with combat boots and a Nirvana T-shirt, putting all the attention on himself, effectively cockblocking everyone because "he's, like, SO FUNNY AND KIND OF HOT IN AN ALTERNATIVE WAY." Fuck that guy and fuck Zubaz.