Let's face it, dating in the 21st century is a whole different game. Whether it's a dating site or dating app, more often than not, you find yourself dealing with an array of characters, particularly with Tinder, the more popular of the dating apps. As a lady, you may find yourself struggling with some unsettling selections of photos captured by some pretty clueless dudes.

There's the shirtless dude, the acoustic guitar plucking gentle soul, the man who may or may not already have a wife or girlfriend, or maybe even the guy that has one too many pictures with his cat. But for some reason, these guys haven't figured out that Tinder is all out about the pictures, and this week's We Tumblforya, Why I Rejected You on Tinder, features the worst of them. So guys, if you're wondering why these ladies swiped left instead of right, make sure none of your pics looks like these guys'.

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[via Whyirejectedyouontinder]