If you want gear that no other store has, then New York City's VFiles is the place for you to shop. It's no secret that the retailer has special and exclusive relationships with the most sought after up-and-coming brands—and the reason is simple, they support them from the jump.

By now, everyone is scouring the Internet to get their hands on pieces from Hood By Air, and VFiles just released expressly-made tees from the brand. In the collection are tank tops, T-shirts, and long-sleeve T-shirts that come in a range of different color options, but mostly are made up in variations of white, black, and grey. But don't sleep on the Fab Five-inspired blue and yellow long-sleeve T-shirt, either.

Get your money up, stuff this exclusive doesn't come cheap. But if you're all about $180 T-shirts to separate yourself from the wack pack, you can shop the collection here.