Vanity Fair put out their annual International Best-Dressed List today, and while it's mainly composed of stylish women, a bunch of steezy dudes get the nod from the prestigious institution. The 74th edition of list had some obvious choices on it, but also brought in a few names of guys who are probably flying under your radar. Regardless, it's about time you start paying attention to their personal style as they continue to stunt.

The full spread will be in Vanity Fair's September issue, but the list is now online. It's hard to argue against the likes of Justin Timberlake, Keith Richards, and Henrik Lundqvist, who all have style we admire.  And we've had our eye on Jack Huston's steez for a minute now. As for Tom Brady? We'll just agree to disagree. Click through to see the rest of the list, including some phenomenal photos of Beyonce.

[via Vanity Fair]