Troy Ave is not afraid to speak his mind. The Brooklyn emcee—one of the best-dressed rappers in NYC—recently posted a pic on Instagram showing off his custom Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey, matching Nike Air Force Ones, and Versace socks. But the actual highlight of the post wasn't the photo—it was the caption that fired turbo-shots at today's rap game and their love for Pyrex and leather. Troy also went on to call rappers late for all of a sudden adopting Versace and Coogi into their wardrobes. Below is the entire caption/essay/rant:

Move In All White Like Jesus (c) Troy Ave - HOT OUT ... All these otha NIGGAZ dress a like, nobody's original UNIFORMS NEVER BEEN COOL! All that Givenchy "PYREX" $HiT wack. If u really dealt in the PYREX business u would understand. All that leather leather leather leather shit trash too. As far as Versace goes. I wear Versace Socks, draws & shades we did the Medusa Head sweaters back in 2001 along with coogie sweaters, I been fly since way back. Goin to flex n Brooklyn showcases wit the coogie new Jordan's & the latest racing car jacket. With that said the #BSBbq was INCREDIBLE we put that together in 3days jus Fly rooftop $HiT in BedStuy Brooklyn I mean but that's what we do, #BSBdopeboyz #StrawberryBlunt s/o 2 @bigbizzent & @treesnplatforms and everybody who came out. PS. I'm tired of drinking Cristal I might jus chill out this week and sip my imperial Moët w/ cranberry juice #TroyAveDatNigga #NewYorkCityTheAlbum on the way AND WHEN I DO THIS FLY $HiT I DO IT 4 REAL ! "Shoot da fukin stylist we go buy the shit ourselves" look for me in that New XXL MAGAZINE & SOURCE MAGAZINE #YouNeverSeenABetterOutfit #DonnaKarenDenimWitTheHighTopAirforceOneOver MyVersaceSocksAndLincolnHighSchoolJesusShuttlesWorthJersey" IT DONT GET MORE BROOKLYN THEN ME RIGHT NOW!

Does "Harry Powder" have a point? Troy has definitely exhibited a sense of style over the past year that deserves props for sticking to what he loves and not trend-riding, but this is a pretty big bomb to drop on a good amount of stylish rappers. Do you support Troy Ave on this, or is this just standard hating?

[via troyave]