Eleven Paris and Asos, you guys really thought that using Tupac’s face with a Photoshopped finger complete with mustache tattoo and the caption “Life is a joke” was a good idea? I mean, for one, ARE WE STILL PUTTING FUCKING MUSTACHES ON THINGS? GIRLS, ARE YOU STILL ACTUALLY INTO THIS? GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. Two, captioning the photograph of a murdered person with “Life is a joke” is certifiably tasteless. The only possibly joke here is how you view Pac if you wear this thing.

Look, if you’re going to make an unauthorized Tupac tee, you print the photo of him wearing a Red Wings jersey, spitting at the camera. No captions. And definitely no fucking novelty mustaches. That’s how you make a Tupac shirt. I’m not mad at girls wearing tight ass tank tops with fallen rappers on them, as long as they’re the right ones. I mean, even Hologram Tupac is probably pissed at this nonsense.

How do you make whimsical T-shirts with rap references? I dunno, how about like this? It’s not hard if you happen to be an ACTUAL fan of the genre. And no, ironic fandom doesn't count. I’m so fucking tired of people ironically loving things. You do realize it just leads to shitty mustache-themed T-shirts, right?