Having a celebrity's name attached to a property often makes it more expensive than comparable homes in the real estate market. That is not the case when it comes to R. Kelly's old mansion in the suburbs of Chicago. Kells bought the 14,500-square-foot mansion back in 1999 with that "R." album money ("I Believe I Can Fly," "Only the Loot Can Make Me Happy," and "Half on a Baby" went go hard).

The property has clearly been neglected for many years. The musician tried to sell it in 2011 for $1.6M (estimated at $5.2M back in the day), but no one wanted it. The price was lowered to below $1M in January with no interested buyers, and the bank bought it at a foreclosure auction in March for $950K and have now listed it for almost half what they paid. For $587,000, you can have the mansion that no one else wants, but you'll spend a small fortune cleaning up every square foot of it (insert "golden showers" joke here). Check out the pictures above and shed a tear for Robert.

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[via Curbed]