Everyone's favorite streetwear brand (or favorite brand to hate), Supreme, is back with a preview of their F/W 2013 collection. In traditional Interwebz fashion, the collection images dropped this morning to a shitstorm of comments, both praising Supreme's unwavering dedication to creativity and workwear as well as expected "SMFH they done fell off" commentary from self-annointed OG fans. Personally, I think the collection is nothing new and that's why it's great. If you want a brand that is going to serve up all of the hottest trends front to back, then maybe you don't really like Supreme all that much after all. Through and through, the new offerings are indicative of a label that only intends on making clothes they think are cool, even when occasionally they wink at current trends by simply doing them better than anyone else (see: Basquiat collab, Wise Potato Chips racing jacket, hockey jersey). For those interested in getting their hands on some new 'Preme, their New York, LA and London stores will re-open this Thursday, August 22, while their online store is set to go live on the 29th.