What do you do to keep busy on the road?
Pshh. It’s the other way around. It’s like I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough time to sleep. I don’t have enough time to travel. I mean, especially when you’re flyin' from city to city. When you’re on a tour where you’re on a tour bus and whenever you’re done you can just go back and lay down and go to sleep and you wake up in another city, you get to sleep. You get to chill. When you’re flyin' from city to city, like you have to pack and make sure this and then—travelin' and gettin' the car started and stopping, and goin' through security and all that shit. If you don’t have a private plane, like, you’re dealin' with all these extra obstacles.

Do you get a lot of attention—do people recognize you in airports? It’s gotta be crazy, right?
Yeah, it’s crazy. Sometimes you get, I mean, sometimes bad anxiety.


I didn’t even have time to get my hair braided. So I’m like doin' myself an injustice.


Yeah, that’s intense.
Yeah, like I haven’t really got to chill by myself, like have a moment with myself in like a couple weeks, you know? I came straight from the damn airport right here. I just came from Ft. Lauderdale. I did the show, with the after-party. Go from there, the sun’s comin up. Hit the streets and live. The sun’s comin’ up, go to sleep, wake up and like, oh shit, catch a flight. Like anxiety, you know what I mean?

Jump in the car and just go to the damn airport and then fly here. I didn’t even have time to get my hair braided. So I’m like doin' myself an injustice. I’m not comin’ through like how I normally would, with braids. So I mean, my braider, I’m gonna have to start traveling with her. 'Cause like, I’m really high maintenance. I’m not like average—I mean, okay, like I assume a lot of musicians, or whoever, they get up and they might not even take a shower, they might not shave, they might do shit. But they’re just about music, and that’s cool. You know what I mean? But I’m not like that.

I have like four jobs in one. I have to look good. I have to smell good. I have to sound good. I’m like—like I said, I’m more than just a musician and stuff. Shit, like over these last few days, even if I didn’t do any music the shit that I’m doin' is part of me. It might not be the same thing that somebody else’s doin. So, I’m high maintenance in the fact that I gotta be cleaned, shaved. I gotta pick up my clothes, I wanna be matchin' head to toe. Like, I’m not even lookin proper right now. 'Cause, I mean, I just don’t have enough time, man. I need a tour bus with me at all times, like Will Smith travels with a trailer with a workout gym inside it, you know?

When you have comfort like that, where you have everything you need right there—I’m not there yet. I don’t have exactly everything I need. It’s like I have all the pieces, but the puzzle pieces are all over and I gotta put 'em all together, you know? Especially not being signed to a major label. Like next year, after I drop my album, then I’m gonna sign to a major label. People don’t understand where it’s goin'. It’s not even started yet. I haven’t even dropped my album yet. I haven’t even rolled around in like—man—I ain’t even ridden a tour bus, yet.


That’s what I aspire to be: in that upper elite class of individuals that you can’t even get the same sound quality as me.


Which collaboration on your new album are you most amped about?
Well the song I got with Wiz Khalifa is crazy. I did the Versace Python freestyle a while back, and then he really liked that song, and then he got on that for the album. I have a song with Mac Miller that’s crazy. I have this really big song on a DJ Mustard beat and like Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz, so that’s gonna be a really big song. All my songs are gonna be pretty big. I mean, I got two songs with Mike Posner.

Are there any producers that you really wanna work with that you haven’t worked with yet?
Well I just linked up with Young Chop. I did this remix with somebody that was in Freebandz gang named Doe Boy, it’s called “Fuck You Mean.” Did you hear it? It dropped with Complex! So like that was on one of Chop's beats. But like, producer? I mean, I’m always into workin' with new dudes. I mean I’d wanna work with like Dr. Dre or something like that. Whoever the biggest people are, you know? Dr. Lou, right? I wanna work with somebody who has good engineering skills.

If you listen to like a Lady Gaga song or a Britney Spears, it has a different sound quality than some random average song. 'Cause once you get into that type of depth of level of quality, then you’re around people that like normal average society couldn’t be around. So that’s what I want. That’s what I aspire to be: in that upper elite class of individuals that you can’t even get the same sound quality as me. And right now, I’m almost there. It’s not about me. It’s connections. So you know, we’ll just have to see what happens.

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