One songs that drove the crowd crazy at your recent NYC show was the song with Chief Keef.
Yeah, that’s a big song.

Yeah, it was wild. Do you have any plans with him? What’s the deal?
We’re both doin’ Rock the Bells. We might do somethin right there. He’s like a black Justin Bieber. No, but for real, every video he drops gets like a million views in, like, two days, so with somebody like him it’s crazy. I never saw nothin’ like that before. 


I have a song with Mac Miller that’s crazy. I have this really big song on a DJ Mustard beat and like Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz, so that’s gonna be a really big song.


What’s your dream collabo?
Me and Lady Gaga. 

A full album?
I’d be down for that. Oh, wait. I forgot. It’d be me and Justin Bieber. No, no, wait. I’m gonna take it back again. The dream collabo would be me, Drake, and Justin Bieber to go on tour and make a whole album. And then go on tour. Back-to-back tour buses. Candy tour buses.

That covers everyone I think. That’s the entire world.
Yeah, a world-wide tour—300 day tour. We only got 65 days off.

What artists have influenced you the most, would you say?
Billy Idol.

Anyone else?
Madonna. I dunno. It’s like, her songs pop into my head a lot.

What are the critical things you bring with you on the road? You’re on the road constantly right now, so what is the one item that you can’t live without?
An empty Louis Vuitton bag. 'Cause what I do, is just—every city, I just go buy new stuff and leave the rest.

So you constantly need new Louis bags?
No, no. I just need new clothes everyday. I don’t like to wear the same thing twice.

Can I pick your brain on a couple of things? I’m just gonna shout them out and I want you to tell me what you think about them.

What was your first tattoo? You’ve got a bunch of awesome tattoos.
This Texas one. And then I came back home that same night and it was raining and it took like—this tattoo took like a couple hours—and it was rainin' and pourin' and then when I got home, somebody had broke into my house.

Oh shit, what happened?
I dunno, they broke into my house.


I’m high maintenance in the fact that I gotta be cleaned, shaved. I gotta pick up my clothes, I wanna be matchin' head to toe.


Did they take anything?
Yeah, they stole a whole bunch of my shoes and I had like a lot of money and shit when I wasn’t home. Fuck them.

Which one’s your favorite tattoo? You got a favorite?
My favorite? The Jody Highroller one.

What’s your favorite sushi roll?
Volcano Roll.

What’s in a Volcano Roll?
No! The Baked Scallop Roll. It’s like a California Roll, but then on top there’s like this creamy Alfredo-ish sauce with like baked scallops. And it’s cooked so it’s on top of the thing, so it’s like lukewarm-ish. It’s crazy.

What’s the deal with RiFF RAFF Pizza?
Jody Highroller Lobster Roll Pizza. It’s gonna be crazy.

Would you Pizza-Track it on Dominos?
Well, it could go to Dominos. But I’d probably just have a pizza truck. It’s goin' down.

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