As you should know by now, if you want a well-rounded swagger package, you can't stop at your clothing. You need to be worrying about shit like your skin, your hair and your extra nasty other hairs lest you end up looking all old and old means death and death is scary. But let's be fucking honest, fancy schmancy grooming products tend to mean fancy schmancy, complicatedly jargon—you can't just walk into a store and start yelling, "Yo, I've got acne on my ass! Can you take a look at it and then help me out?!" Thanks to Niven & Joshua, that no longer has to happen because they've got the "Concerns" section of their online store. Simply hover over that shit and be met with a list of physical problems you may have such as blackheads, hair loss, body odor and more, each of which are curated with top quality products so you can quickly and easily fend off death.