Everyone got wild pissed at Kitson and Brian Lichtenberg for making these prescription drug tees. Personally, I find it far more offensive that someone thought it was a good idea to make more T-shirts with numbers on the back. SERIOUSLY, GIVE THAT SHIT UP, B. It's played out like Kwamé and them fucking polka dots. In fact, they’re even more played out than using that Biggie line.

But shitty trend-humping aside, I don’t understand all the uproar over name dropping prescription pills. Maybe because I find all the drugs referenced lame as fuck. Adderall? Who is actually trying to be more productive? Adderall is a performance enhancing drug. The only drugs you need to be focused on are drugs that decidedly impair your performance. Xanax? Not trying to pass out early and have my dickbag friends steal my weed. Vicodin? That’s sooo 2005. The only thing worse is if they had decided to use molly. THANKS MILEY CYRUS FOR RUINING CULTURAL APPROPRIATION FOR ALL OF US.

Being edgy is so fucking lame. These shirts should be getting eviscerated in "Shurt Feelings"—they’re that fucking redundant. To argue that these T-shirts glorify prescription pill use is insane. No one who actually does any real drugs would wear something like this. Furthermore, drug glorification and fashion go together like aluminum foil and chasing the dragon. Remember heroin chic? Remember that time everyone was doing drugs in New York aka all of the time? The shirts, the public's response, the designer’s response—it all just seems so passé.

Shout out to the fit model and his MJ hoop earring. TALK ABOUT CULTURAL APPROPRIATION LOL. I was going to go on this tangent about how all of us are criticizing Miley and Macklemore for their obliviousness, pointing out how deep-seated arrogations in popular culture are really no different than Macklemore writing a song for gay people in which a straight man attempts to become the voice of those who never asked him to, but then I realized that this is a topic that deserves its own piece. Just kidding, I’m lazy as fuck and it won’t be relevant in a few days, so I’ll just see if my editor leaves that last bit in.

The only other even remotely offensive thing that’s come from this entire ruckus? Brian Lichtenberg calling these shirts "art". You high, motherfucker?