I don't control when stores drop new product or the fact that Palace is a brand with lots of good shit to offer like this rugby, for example, so, yeah, let's talk about Palace again. The rugby comes in a really great red, white and navy thick striped style and a definitely not as a cool teal, white and black version. But whatever your color preferences are (and, again, I can't stress enough how much cooler the red, white and navy one is), rugbys are one of those things that are so classic and versatile that most of the time they're unimpeachable. They're a shirt, but also are kind of a sweater because they're knit. They have a collar, but they're definitely casual. Sure, some dickheadish brands like Ed Hardy have done their best to fuck up the preppy staple forever with dragons and rhinestones, but we can't let a few bad rugbys ruin the fun for everyone, right?