Nike Sportswear is a game changer. Everything from upgrading M65 jackets to changing the way people see running with its GYAKUSOU with UNDERCOVER has been quality technical gear so far. Let’s not forget the countless collaborations it has had with its now infamous Destroyer jackets. The futuristic version of the classic varsity jacket has been co-signed by everyone from LeBron James, A$AP Mob, Cassette Playa, and more.

Today the NSW shows you what’s ahead for the brand. Of course they couldn’t do that without tapping some of the best athletes in the world. Athletes including Adrian Peterson, Rafael Nadal, Paul Rodriguez, and more preview the new Nike Tech Pack around the world. Expect to see technical fleeces, more destroyer jackets, and hoodies with the signature chest pocket zipper design. View the short clip above. The collection drops August 29.

[via Nike]