Miley Cyrus is clearly in a no-fucks-given mood. If you didn’t see her performance during the MTV VMA’s this past weekend, you missed out on molly-faced bears, foam fingers, and lots and lots of twerking. A day after her cakes were displayed on national TV, Miley Montana continued her raunchy ways by taking to her Instagram account and posting her take on the current jersey trend.

The 20-year-old pop star posed in a Chicago Bulls Jordan jersey that was converted into a bikini. Obviously her ratchet ways are far from behind her, and further proves Jay Z’s line describing her as “an old world’s worst nightmare.” As of today, there are 299,000-plus thirst likes and an astounding 16k-plus comments. If you would like to leave your own tips, advice, or concerns, hit up her Instagram. Miley, Diplo is recruiting for his world record twerk wall this weekend if you’re interested.

[via USA Today]