There is a lot of luck and accidental awesomeness when it comes to sports photography. Because the athletes are constantly moving in sports like soccer and basketball, photographers work with fast shutter speeds and takes lot of shots, most of which are never seen by the public. Sometimes only one in 20 shots are useable because the others are blurry, or eyes are closed, or the lighting is weird. Other times you get lucky and capture an act of nature.

This photo should have ended up in the unuseable category but it was too awesome for the photographer to trash. Taken by Reuters photographer Yves Herman, the photo shows French soccer player Mathieu Valbuena sliding forward to kick the ball away from opponents during a match against Belgium. Because of the angle of the players and the photographer perspective, Valbuena appears to be a fraction of his normal size. We predict lots of face swaps and Photoshopped memes of this photo very soon.

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[via PetaPixel]