The days are counting down on the Abramovic Institute's fundraising campaign via Kickstarter, and as if supporting an important art institution isn't motivation enough, Marina Abramovic has decided to sweeten the deal. Every backer who donates $1 or more to the Kickstarter will receive a hug from Abramovic herself in an upcoming series of performances she is calling "The Embrace." The two-part event will take place in New York and Europe at undisclosed locations on dates to be determined. While Abramovic's "The Artist is Present" performance was about emotional connections across a table, "The Embrace" will give participants the opportunity to engage with the artist on a physical level (though we're sure there will be many emotions involved). 

There are other incentives at various pricepoints for those who wish to donate. For more information on those and to secure your hug, head to the "Marina Abramovic Institute: The Founders" Kickstarter page.

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[via PaperMag]