Filson has been around since 1897 and there’s a good reason for it: The brand hasn’t strayed too far from its original plan of making great, high-quality clothes for folks who need them. With the renaissance of American-made clothes over the past few years, Filson has reemerged as a household name in the men’s style community. But the brand doesn’t want to be labeled as “heritage.” 

In a recent interview with Well-Spent, Filson CEO Alan Kirk said, “We’re not a heritage brand. We’ve made some of the same products for 100 years because they’re still performing for our customers.”

Filson, however, is introducing a new, slimmer fit, entitled the “Seattle Fit,” that’s made to move around the wearer’s body better without too much fabric.

Also, remember the news that Filson let out last year that Richard Chai would be the brand’s creative director? Well, Chai is no longer associated with Filson, and the brand views it more as a capsule collection in hindsight. “We worked with Richard Chai on a capsule collection in 2012,” Kirk said. “He’s no longer with us, but we hear he’s doing great things with his own label.”

Sounds like the folks in Seattle weren’t too psyched on the Filson Black Label collection, but it sounds like they're moving along just fine. New Yorkers can even expect brick-and-mortar locations in the near future.

[via Well-Spent]