A collective of artists known as Future Femme will host a very controversial photo exhibition in New York soon. The women, through various means, have collected hundreds of penis pictures (c*ck shots, d*ck pics, whatever) and will display them in exhibition at a small gallery in Brooklyn.

NY Mag called the show "either a feminist response to getting flashed online or the IRL [in real life] version of a revenge-porn website." The issue many have with the exhibition is that none of the men featured knew that they were contributing to it. The artists used Craigslist, Grindr, and OKCupid to ask men to send them pictures online, with one going as far as to pose as a gay man, boosting her picture count to 150. The legality (and morality) of the exhibition and the methods used to acquire the photos is complicated. Vice had a hard time getting lawyers to comment on the subject matter, but an attorney named Aaron Messing did tell them that New York laws "wouldn’t do much to protect a guy whose dick pic was used in a way he didn’t intend."

So is this exhibition any different than a revenge-porn site? Would there be an issue if four men decided to create a photo exhibition of naked women as long as they didn't include their faces? Read the full story over at Vice, including interviews with the some of the artists, their significant others, as well as researchers and experts, then weigh-in below in our comment section.

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[via Vice