"Love of Technology" is a group exhibition opening on September 27 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami. Artists Andrea ZittelIan ChengJosh SmithAnicka YiJason GalbutLuis Fernando BeneditMorag Keil, and others will contribute existing as well as newly commissioned works that explore the "complex dynamic" between humans and our technology.

For decades movies and talking-heads have predicted the rise of the machines but have ignored other aspects of the way we interact with less extreme pieces of technology. "The artists in this exhibition take apart popular technologies and reassemble them in ways that challenge our perceptions and critique established ideologies," says Alex Gartenfeld, recently appointed interim director and chief curator of the museum. From Anicka Yi's tempura-fried flowers, to Ian Cheng's code-powered video installation, the exhibition is extremely diverse and very interesting and serves as the American debut for many of the international artists involved.  For more information, click through to the exhibition page.

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