When: 1990s-present

F.U.B.U. originator Daymond John was so inspired by the "hip-hop uniform" Run-D.M.C. created in the '80s, he founded his fashion line in 1992 specifically for the hip-hop culture. Standing for "For Us, By Us," F.U.B.U. took rapper staples like baggy jeans and rugbys and flipped it into a $350-million-plus business. The brand eventually became oversaturated and lost its cache after dorky suburban kids coopted it. Though F.U.B.U. hasn't been worn by anyone this side of the Pacific in years (It's apparently still jumping off in Asia, we're told), it stands as a model of success for subsequent rapper-created lines like Jay-Z's Rocawear created in 1999 and Diddy's Sean John created in 1998.