Everyone should be familiar with L.A.-based photographer Estevan Oriol by now, but if you’re not, you have definitely seen his black and white photographs everywhere. And now the improper use of one of his most famous shots is the cause of a lawsuit.

The famed photographer is suing H&M and fashion house Brandy Melville for copyright infringement and appropriating his trademark “L.A. Fingers” photograph. Oriol states, “If you put my photograph side-by-side with their re-creation of my image, anyone would tell you they are one in the same... they clearly copied my image.” There was no amount disclosed on how much Oriol was seeking, but we’re sure whatever the amount, billion dollar companies like H&M shouldn’t have a problem paying him.

Oriol has captured everyone from L.A. Gangsters to Eminem and 50 Cent in his signature black and white style. His most recent work with brands includes shooting the lookbook for the BAPE x Undefeated collaboration. Just like he says in his film The Run Up, “cheap photos aren’t good and good photos aren’t cheap,” so pay the man his money.

[via Baller Status]