DJ Clark Kent and hip-hop go hand in hand, so it only made sense for us to tap the Brooklyn native to talk about the moment that the 59FIFTY became a part of the rap uniform. Does a true Yankees fan only wear the navy colorway? Do you always have to match your cap with your kicks? Clark has all the answers you’re looking for and more.

Interview by Nick Grant (@NicholasGrant)

Tell us why you think the 59FIFTY grew to such prominence in the hip-hop community.
I think what happened with it is what happened in urban communities, period. Hip-hop and rap, the things that happen in it are the things that are based off what’s happening in our urban communities. In urban communities, it became part of the uniform, so you know, naturally it moved into the arts and entertainment world because people who are in arts and entertainment are from the urban communities and they’re the building blocks—so that’s why it came to the level it came to.

So, do you think one artist started that movement coming out of those communities?
I’m not gonna be able to say that only one artist did it because practically everyone wears a fitted cap and it’s been around forever. Now if you say which hat was the most important, I could answer that—the Yankees hat is the most important fitted cap. Period. To say which artist, I wouldn’t be able to say that.


The Yankees hat is the most important fitted cap. Period.


Was it a specific Yankees player, or just the entire Yankees collective?
It’s the franchise. It’s the mystique. It’s the allure of the Yankees. It’s the fact that damn near every super-duper star has played for the Yankees. Or at some point in their life, will play for the Yankees.

What’s your policy on rocking a 59FIFTY for a team you have no allegiance to?
That’s only for an outfit. I have and I will and I will again. It’s just for an outfit. If the colors on a different hat match differently or work differently with an outfit, I’ll wear it. But if you ask me who’s the team of all fitted hats, the team to me is always gonna be the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, and the New York Knicks, of course. You know what I’m saying? So those four hats are always gonna be the most important to me.

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