Smoking is bad for you, but Newport cigarettes are forever entwined with New York City and hip-hop culture, even if they run you $15 a pack nowadays.

Again touching on hip-hop nostalgia of the '90s, Darien Bruze has collaborated with KNJ on a tank-top/short set that features a Big Apple twist on the minty smokes. The pieces feature the infamous "Newport Pleasure" and "Fire it Up" slogans that graced the brand's ads from the '90s, as the green and white packs cover the clothes in an all-over print.

Except, there's one big differences on these packs of smokes: instead of Newport, the labels read "New York." With this gear being something that you could play ball in, we're positive that you'll see people walking around the city in this short-set even if they like having healthy lungs.

Right now, you can purchase the pieces from a collaborative website between the two brands.