Thank goodness that Chris Messina, known for inventing the hashtag and redesigning Google's brand badges and profiles, is channeling his energy and ideas towards art now, digital art to be specific. While the details of NeonMob have yet to be fully revealed, we do know that it's a social coin/trading cart/art/sports card/poster/action figure/badge/comic card/postcard, where you can "collect exclusive art online." It sounds nothing like art startups we're already familiar with, like Artsy, Paddle8, and Gertrude, but with Messina behind it, we're confident it's gonna go places.

Messina has worked at Google for the past three years, but moves to NeonMob next week to work on "Community and Growth." Sign into NeonMob with any of your various social profiles, and give Messina a sticker, if you want.

[via Engadget]