If it seems natural that girls want to look pretty, these caterpillars will prove that theory right. Japanese artist Aki Inomata worked with a group of bagworm moths for her project "Girl, Girl, Girl..." that involved the creation of exquisite protective homes for the insects. The artist provided the bagworms with a variety of small pieces of fabric cut from real women's clothing and waited for the tiny creatures to work their magic collecting the surrounding material to build "bags" or shells. The caterpillars were placed inside petri dishes along with several scraps of textiles, where they built their homes from the fancy couture fabrics instead of the usual twigs and leaves.

Inomata was inspired to create her project when she learned of the differences in behavior between female and male bagworms in their maturing processes. She explains, "Male bagworms leave their protective cases when they become adults and become moths. However, female bagworms remain in their bags for their whole life. They simply stay and wait for the males. When I heard about this, I felt that there are some similarities with the human world."

Watch a video outlining the project here.

[via Designboom]