Not all superheros need powers, you need to only look at Batman, Iron Man, and Kick Ass to see that. Summer movie season is rife with costumed dudes well, kicking ass, taking names, and looking damn good doing it. Of course, James Bond has the action hero suit game on lock in brands like Tom Ford, but vigilantism in the name of justice isn't just spandex and domino masks anymore—especially when the big screen is concerned.

While geeks might pick out all the minor details missed from the comic book, translating ink to celluloid is all about a balance of style, exaggeration, and what looks good in motion—like plenty of designer collections. Whether it's a true interpretation of the source material, or a new vision for a familiar character, we're celebrating Kick Ass 2's premiere in style: by ranking the best-dressed movie heroes. See who made the cut in our list of The Most Stylish Superhero Movie Costumes.

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