Toronto is a great city. It's home to Caribana, the CN Tower, one of the most stylish neighborhoods in the world, and of course Drake and the OVO Fest. Not to mention, the style and retail scene in the T-Dot isn't too shabby, either. Admittedly, the landscape of menswear in Toronto is sparse compared to say, New York City, London, and Tokyo. But what the area lacks in variety it makes up for in creativity, quality, and rarity. We're talking concepts of the spaces themselves to the brands and garments carried in the shops. 

While in search of the best of the best in the biggest city north of the border, we found a "clothing store coffee shop" that sells great Alden boots and Gitman Vintage Bros. shirts as well as (presumably) a great cup of coffee. We also came across a store hidden in an alley that stocks some of the best vintage pieces you'll find. Of course, there are also the favorites, Nomad and Haven Shop, which finally opened in the city last year. So the next time you find yourself in Toronto for Caribana, OVO Fest, and the like, be sure to check out one (or all) of The Best Menswear Stores in Toronto Right Now

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