How & Nosm

"We got introduced to Os Gemeos through Daze when they came to New York for the first time in 1999. We, including Daze, Crash, and the Tats Cru, painted a large production (graffiti mural) in the Bronx.

We remember looking through magazines back in '97 while we still lived in Germany, and the very distinctive work of the Brazilian twins was always present. They made the rest of the graffiti movement around the world have a closer look at the Brazilian graffiti scene. Before there were the Internet and blogs, you got famous through graffiti magazines and your own travels. They made their country popular, and soon writers from around the world would go to Brazil to enjoy the freedom to paint in the streets of Brazil. They are a big part of South American graffiti history, since they have been around for so long and worked so hard.

They are the pioneers there, but they've also left their mark in so many countries. They have influenced so many writers and street artists to dare to try out new styles and techniques. They made their way into the art world so successfully that one can't imagine the scene without them.

We are proud to have worked with them in several occasion and remained friends over the years. Obregado."