40 Days of Dating

Some of us are on a "40 Days of Dating" train that cannot be stopped, although in reality, the series itself will stop after the 40th day has been posted. Depending on the outcome, and whether or not well-known designer friends Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman decide to keep dating (fyi: they are dating as an experiment for forty days to examine their dating habits and issues in a serious and open manner), many of us will be very sad.

No matter what you think of it, 40 Days of Dating gets a mention because of the stunning artwork they and their friends have made for each day. The intro videos are cool, but the GIFs, coloring, and handwritten type bring an added, intimate tone to the narratives they tell daily about seeing each other and what they're learning. Day 25's GIF corresponds with how Jessica's feeling due to some health issues, but out of context, we've all been there, and this GIF sorta makes an "all falls down" moment come to life in an clever animation.