The Balenciaga Arenas in their "Hold My Liquor" colorway are back at Mr. Porter. That's good news for all of you out there slipping, who missed out on the all red Air Max 90 Hyperfuse joints and have $545 burning a hole in the tiny pocket of your Balmain bikers jeans. I'll level with you, I probably wouldn't buy these, but if one day a mysterious box showed up on my desk marked "C/O TEEN WOOLF" then, like, yeah I'd rock them with some light wash denim and a hoodie and snap the quick selfie in the mirror of my apartment building's lobby while doing the Cousin Terio dance. I mean, fuck, 90% of being a fashion writer is not only getting free shit, but telling everyone how important you are that you earned said free shit, so of course I'm going to wear them! Balenciaga, holler at me.