Photography Jeffrey Martin broke records when he created the largest panorama ever from the BT Tower in London. Now he has claimed the silver medal as well with this 600,000-pixel wide panorama of Tokyo, taken from the lower observation deck of the Tokyo Tower. The photo is actually 10,000 photos, taken with one Canon 7D and a robotic arm, and stitched together in a process that took a computer 12 weeks to complete. The resulting image is 180-gigapixels and if printed would be roughly the size of a football field at 328 feet long and 164 feet tall.

The full resolution image is incredibly detailed. Click here for an interactive application that allows you move around the entire panorama and zoom in to see down to street level in most sections. Also, check out the video below that showcases some of the photographer's favorite parts of his massive photo:

[via Petapixel]

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