We have recently seen numerous mega-structures being built in China as the nation continues to rapidly develop. Top-tier architects show continued interest in implementing projects in Asia's urban centers. The London-based firm Zaha Hadid Architects completed the Galaxy SOHO urban complex in Beijing in 2012, their first project in the capital of China. A new video by architectural photographer Dan Chung takes viewers through a virtual tour of 330,000 square meters of futuristic architecture. The four domes that make up the complex create elaborate curves that Chung introduces through an impressive range of angles, revealing the structure's massive size.

Discussing the project Zaha Hadid said, "The design responds to the varied contextual relationships and dynamic conditions of Beijing. We have created a variety of public spaces that directly engage with the city, reinterpreting the traditional urban fabric and contemporary living patterns into a seamless urban landscape inspired by nature."

Though the curving structures may be based on organic forms, their scale and organization suggest a mechanic, utopian, and futuristic feeling. Discover Galaxy SOHO in the video below:

[via Dezeen]

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