Do you love Instagram, but just wish instead of reading captions of photographs to see what labels people are bragging about, the brand names would pop up on the actual photos themselves? And...AND battle to see who has the best kit, competing for votes? That’s right, OUTFIT BATTLES! ONLY ONE CAN BECOME SWAAG BATTLE CHAMPION. Why did I spell "swag" with an extra "A," you ask? Because that’s the name of the brand new app taking the world by storm., you crazy for this one.

I know I could write about how this app is a crass attempt at further monetizing a culture of consumerism based on oversharing and validation via a largely anonymous audience. And that this is the nail in the coffin of "style". And the moment when the "what I wore today" photo jumped the sharknado it’s been circling since its inception. But whatever, that shit is boring. You know what’s not boring? OUTFIT BATTLES.

I seriously love the notion of the Swaag Battle. You can pick any photo posted on the app to battle and let the Internet decide which look is the swaagiest. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SOME EPIC BATTLES. WHO’S GONNA GET SERVED? DID ANYONE EVER ACTUALLY SEE THAT MOVIE OR DID WE ALL JUST SAY "YOU GOT SERVED" A LOT? IT’S LIKE YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN FASHIONABLE LITTLE POKEMON. There’s even a leaderboard so you can keep track of the win/loss records of all your favorites. Just don’t get pissed when that twelve-year-old with daddy issues out stunts you in some Red Octobers and one of those A.P.C. x Kanye hoodies that's already EVERYWHERE. Download if you dare.