Turn your speakers up and start blasting Migos, Versus Versace's newest collaboration just made gloomy weather a lot more trill. The youth-oriented branch of Italian fashion house Versace teams up with French outerwear label K-Way for a trippy take on the reversible Claude Jacket.

The Claude traces its roots to mid-60s France, when K-Way founder Leon-Claude Duhamel saw rain-soaked Parisians running around sans umbrellas, so he came up with the idea of waterproof jacket that could be easily packed away. Juxtaposed with Versus Versace's psychedlic Opt Art print, the result is something we could easily see rappers like Drake and Trinidad James throwing on. 

For the tech nerds out there, the collaboration also includes a K-Way x Versus iPad cover, which isn't just waterproof, but has a little opening for a camera lens. The K-Way Versus Windbreaker will cost you half a rack at $495, but it is like getting two jackets. When you don't feel like stunting, the Claude  can be worn with the black side out instead of the Opt Art print. Besides, you can't put a price on being able to rap: "Versace, Versace, this K-way collabo keeps all the rain off me."