Contrary to what your one MET-going friend told you, Punk wasn't the only music influencing fashion in the 1980s. Far from it. Influential dudes like David Bowie were raving all over London, and their experiences resulted in a series of (no less than six) mutating fashion tribes.

All this fun stuff is the subject of Victoria & Albert's summer costume show, "Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s". The exhibition feature 85 looks, some drawn directly from clubs—a range of slick "iconic" styles like Buffalo, Glam Fetish, New Romantic, High Camp, Goth and Rave worn by (now washed up) celebrities Adam Ant and Leigh Bowery. The majority of the outfits showcase the diverse talents of designers ranging from Katharine Hamnett to John Galliano. Galliano was a student St. Martin's at the time, spending much of his week preparing costumes for wild nights out. A symbiotic relationship between music and fashion blossomed…and the rest is a bunch of cool historic photos for your Tumblr.

See the exhibition in real life through February 16, 2014. That gives you plenty of time to wrangle up a trip to London.