Four Pins’ resident dame Rachel Seville, wrote a post way back when about her skirt-approved men’s grooming products, so imagine my surprise when the comments were filled with something other than hot shit and a Hov/Nas worthy vendetta. Instead, helpful suggestions for other godly type product were dropped and, lo and behold, I listened. Time to put you onto that old school Aussie barbershop tech. Enter the aggressively named Uppercut Deluxe and their core range of 5 hair styling products supplemented with shampoo, shaving cream and all-in-one kits. Inspired by the hair of boxers, skaters and look-death-in-the-face-and-spit surfer dudes, Uppercut means business. Seriously guys, this shit was named after an Australian boxer (who just happens to be the founder’s grandpa) who toured the country during the great depression, ostensibly beating the shit out of competitors for LOLZ. That pretty much sums up their ethos: a no fuss approach to grooming involving local ingredients formulated by working barbers, with a generous dose of affordability thrown in.