Remember the golden rule when using the bathroom: If you shake it more three times, you’re just playing with it. Sometimes though, three shakes just aren’t enough and you end up with that last drip on your pants. Don't lie, every dude's been there. However, there haven’t been many solutions to solve the problem of “male spotting” until now.

YouTube comedy sketch ThingStarter has a new solution for you, and it’s called Tiny Diapers for the Tip of Your Penis. Yeah, dick bibs might keep that last bead of piss off your pants, but the protection is not 100 percent perfect. This new innovation covers just the tip and holds the maximum one dewdrop of urine. It might be odd, but it beats having to dab the tip of your junk with toilet paper. That’s just weird. Watch the hilarious clip above.

[via Jezebel]