Wait, Nepenthes hosted an Engineered Garments S/S 14 runway show earlier this week? DAMN. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THIS WAS HAPPENING. Normally, I'm at least partially aware of special events I don't get invited to. This is like that time a kid named Pat had the party of the century at his parents’ insane mansion and I was away at lacrosse camp. I didn’t even find out half of my friends got handies and blowies in the guest house until school started in the fall. FUCK THAT NOISE. I feel so out of the loop right now, you guys, but I’m going to put emotion aside and focus on my world class journalistic integrity. This is the first show Engineered Garments has ever done, transforming the Nepenthes space in Hell’s Kitchen into a S/S 14 runway. The clothing is EG at its layered, quirky finest—extra-long shirts, anoraks and everything else. If you don’t think Daiki is one of the best designers of his generation, you’re entitled to your opinion, BUT YOU’D BE FUCKING WRONG. He made layers and long shirts palatable for your fragile brain. He’s taken everything cool about workwear and incorporated it with patterns and cuts that are uniquely his own. Also, he makes you want to wear a fucking apron underneath your jacket because for some crazy reason THAT SHIT IS BOSS AS FUCK. My only critique? Again, I wasn’t invited.