The "all things '90s rap Tumblr inspo" internet orgy is at its peak and shows no signs of slowing. Eventually it'll just Avril Lavigne itself, as all trends tend to do, but for now it has some serious legs.

Hip-Hop is no stranger to re-purposing, biting and homaging the shit outta itself. Rappers pirate anything and everything they need—it's really an endearing part of the culture. Recently, there seems to be a prominent backlash towards all this from the generation that was actually physically present during the 1990s and not still inside of a nutsack. (Love that I can write "nutsack" with impunity on Da Pins.)

The first wave of this '90s rap fashion revival came in the form of snapbacks, but with such a major proliferation the lines became too blurred to make a case for or against it either way. Now, bucket hats and Versace silk are the contentious items. I give minus five shits about explaining either, so I won't waste your precious Internet minutes. Instead, I'm gonna highlight 15 trends from '90s hip-hop culture that thankfully haven't come back...yet. Sit back, spark that dutch, put on Dah Shinin' and get your knowledge right 'cause these trends could come back any day now if we don't keep them where they belong: in the motherfucking graveyard.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.