Most stylists are hush-hush about their clients, or often only say the positives about them, but not Lysa Cooper. Cooper has been a stylist for over a decade and has worked with some of the biggest actors and musicians, such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Kanye West, making for an extensive list worth talking about. She recently sat down with Vogue Italia to discuss her job—and she was very candid about it all. 

When asked about the role she played in Rihanna's early transformation, she told Vogue Italia she worked with the singer "without knowing who she was." But the pair's working relationship didn't last long. Cooper says that she isn't a "big practitioner of staying too long." She says it's a way to avoid being bored and becoming "somebody's slave." "That way there are boundaries. And those boundaries got blurred with Rihanna. And with her previous management, we had some major falling out. Also, I’m a lot older than her. I don’t entourage it up. I don’t like to hang out like that. And when I do hang out, I hang out hard and I think that can be very intimidating to people who aren’t use to the old way of partying," she told Vogue Italia. Be that it may, Cooper did go on to say that she does appreciate RiRi's personal taste and the fact that the singer is open to wearing new and young designers. 

Cooper also talks about working with Beyoncé, who she says is a "joy to be around." She also gives her two scents on celebrity clothing lines, saying "Bullshi. Go to school. If you go to school, then maybe you can talk some shit." 

So you'll want to read the rest of the interview. To do so, head over to Vogue Italia's website.

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