At Four Pins, we're always trying to keep you guys up on the most futuristic shit. With that in mind, we admittedly sometimes get ahead of ourselves in our quest for sartorial glory, going balls deep in the rabbit hole of man tunics, leather sweatpants and stuff that's so fugly, it's actually dope. That's why every once in a while we have to put on some good old fashioned menswear, like this new Legacy Collection from the outdoor apparel kings at Pataguccinelli. The collection was crafted in celebration of the label's 40th anniversary and what a beautifully all-American wilderness celebration it is. With a lookbook shot by popular outdoor/travel photographer and A Restless Transplant founder, Foster Huntington, the photos are downright gorgeous (minus the egregious, man ass shot). These pics make me want to get out of New York City, hop in an RV and head out to twerk somewhere in America, assuming I can still get some WiFi, of course. The Patagonia Legacy Collection arrives in stores this September.