Deus Ex Machina makes custom motorcycles, surfboards, they have a shop in Bali and they’ve recently teamed up with Converse for these sneakers. So, they’re kinda like Saturdays, but at least they chose Bali instead of in the middle of New York City for a surf shop. I’m just kidding, Saturdays. Who am I to talk about authenticity? I write about men's clothing on the Internet for a living. Anyways, I really like the Johnny Hi’s. You could get all Ponyboy and stay golden and smoke Lucky Strikes with these and impress girls that live in Los Angeles that dress like '50s pinups and ride motorcycles and collect vintage hair pomade cans. If you’re not into '50s pinups you’re not really bout that motorcycle riding, surfing, vagabond lifestyle. You’re just some guy that read Jack Kerouac one too many times as a freshman in high school.