More than half of Americans have smartphones, according to Forbes. A lot of us use our smartphones for everything and we wouldn't be able to live our lives without them. If you're an iPhone 5 owner, you can show some appreciation for the little guy by buying him a comfortable place to rest.

Design firm Snarkitecture, founded by architect Alex Mustonen and contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, created an innovative resting dock for the iPhone 5. The product, aptly entitled Pillow, is individually cast by hand in Brooklyn and made out of durable gypsum cement. It is basically a luxurious pillow with a mold that provides the perfect space for your iPhone 5 while you're at home. It also has a charging cable in a small niche underneath so your cell can recharge while it sleeps.

Get your own iPhone Pillow here for $68.

[via CoolHunting]